Gavin McCance

devops at CERN

"I enjoy using software and technology to solve problems"

I’m an IT technical manager with 20 years experience in the architecture, development, and operation of globally-distributed Big Data and Compute services.

I'm currently based in Geneva working at CERN providing IT services for the Large Hadron Collider high-energy physics experiments.

My passion is using software and technology to solve problems and make reliable services that can scale to the needs of our users.

Gavin McCance

Gavin McCance

Technical Manager

I’ve led successful IT software development and operations teams for critical services supporting the global CERN LHC computing challenge

Big Data and Big Iron

I’ve been responsible for both the Petabyte scale global data transfer network for the LHC computing grid and the primary compute facility for the LHC at CERN

Software Engineer

I’ve written lots of software and services (mostly Python, Go and Java) and I like to use software to solve problems

Technical architect

I’ve developed the global data transfer architecture for LHC computing and recently led the team that rearchitected the system and tools we use to manage all the computing services at CERN

Site Reliability Engineer

I enjoy the challenge of running reliable services that can scale up to the needs of our users. Problem-solving is the core of what I enjoy at work

Rocket Scientist

Well… experimental particle physicist in a previous life. I love to measure and analyse things, and apply this analytical approach to my work

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